What Else Should I know About MCCOY Auto Brokers?

We answer questions quickly, completely, and truthfully.

There will be lots of questions that come up through the course of working with MCCOY Auto Brokers. We always do our best to answer them to your complete satisfaction. Specifically, we aim to give you prompt and thorough feedback that will help you make quick, confident, and informed decisions.

Some of those questions are common to many of our clients, so in hopes that it helps you decide to trust us with your business, we’ve provided short answers to a few of the more popular questions:

Q: What is an auto broker?
A: An auto broker is a person who uses his/her extensive knowledge of, and contacts within, the retail automotive industry to represent buyers throughout the car purchasing or leasing process. He/she works on behalf of the buyer, not the auto dealership, and can typically acquire any make or model of vehicle. An auto broker researches makes, models, options, and colors, and then locates the vehicle that best matches a buyer’s criteria. When negotiations begin, your auto broker will use his/her industry knowledge and experience to get you the most aggressive price or lease terms possible.

Q: Will you really get me the best price?
A: Yes. In almost all cases, we can negotiate a better price and a superior all-around transaction. There could be unusual exceptions, where timing and circumstances would mean we missed the “absolute lowest price”, but we haven’t heard of that happening yet.

Q: Can I still get factory rebates and interest rates?
A: Definitely. You’ll receive any and all applicable factory incentives and you will still be eligible for special interest rates that might apply.

Q: Why would an auto dealership want to work with an online car broker?
A: Because we represent qualified clients, who are ready to do business, and are generally eager to complete a transaction. Additionally, MCCOY Auto Brokers makes the process easy for both the buying and selling parties. We know what you want and we know what they need. It makes the process highly efficient. And if they treat our clients well, we bring them even more business.

Q: Will I get the factory warranty if I buy through MCCOY?
A: Absolutely. You are fully protected by the exact same warranty as if you took delivery yourself at the dealership.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: As little as two days, or as long as it takes to find the exact car you want. In most cases, however, expect the transaction to be completed within six business days for most common vehicles.

Q: Do I have to sell my trade-in myself?
A: No, we can find a buyer for you. MCCOY Auto Brokers works with a wide range of dealerships and wholesalers, all of which are in the market for used cars. We’ll help you prepare your vehicle for an appraisal and then will request competitive bids from multiple sources. Or, if you prefer, you are certainly entitled to sell it yourself.

Q: Where can I get my new car serviced?
A: Anywhere you would like. Dealerships want to be your authorized service center, so they are eager to earn your business, regardless of where or how you purchased your vehicle.

Q: Where do I return my vehicle if it is leased?
A: Once again, anywhere you would like, assuming that it is an authorized dealership for that brand. Many people assume you can only return a leased vehicle to the dealership from which it came. That’s not true.